Golden City Go-Kart

18 November 2018

The sprawling Golden City area of Batam (the anchor of the Area is the Golden View Hotel) hosts a number of sports activities and one of the is Go-kart Racing. Again all Batam city day tours pass by here since this is where the Famous Golden Prawn Restaurants where all the day tourist eat their lunch is located. The Go Kart Ride costs about 120,000 IDR (S$ 15) and the ride will take about 10 minutes around the hot and humid improvised race track. They also offer All Terrain Vehicles (ATV) Ride around the race track also for 10 minutes but the price is higher at 140,000 IDR (S$ 19) per person. You can buy refreshments and snacks afterward at their mini shack and some souvenirs at the souvenir shop afterward.

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